Nikon D500 review – a joyful experience with rewarding results

1507855250 nikon d500 review a joyful experience with rewarding results 300x160 - Nikon D500 review - a joyful experience with rewarding results

The D500 is the flagship model in Nikon’s cropped-sensor SLR range. With a body-only price of £1,729, it costs almost as much as the full-frame Nikon D750 did at launch (and £340 more than the D750 costs now), so it’s fair to expect great things. It doesn’t disappoint. The features and performance on offer here have much in common with ...

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Vivo V3 Max – Undoubtedly Powerful

Pros: Appealing Design, Good Camera, Fingerprint Sensor Cons: High pricing, A bit bulky Appearance and Display Vivo has tried to replicate the design of its earlier devices in the new V3 Max, sporting a metallic frame with the company’s silver logo encrusted on the back of the device. The company has however made a design upgrade this time, with the ...

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Sony a6300 review | Expert Reviews

1507843852 sony a6300 review expert reviews 300x160 - Sony a6300 review | Expert Reviews

The a6300 is Sony’s latest and greatest compact system camera (CSC), and an update to the Sony a6000. Back in 2014 I wrote that the a6000 “hits a home run for quality, performance, features and price”, so the a6300 has big boots to fill. There are quite a few similarities. They both use a 24-megapixel APS-C sensor – the same ...

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Pebble Time Round: Perfect for Most Wrists

Pros: Incredibly light and compact, Can look good on both men and women, Stylish, Good activity and sleep tracking Cons: Not waterproof like some others, Some apps don’t scale to the round shape, No touch screen, Battery life not as good as other Pebble watches,Expensive, considering it doesn’t have as much as other smartwatches, Thick bezel The cult Pebble smartwatch ...

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Samsung Gear 360 review: The ultimate 360-degree camera

1507832388 samsung gear 360 review the ultimate 360 degree camera 300x160 - Samsung Gear 360 review: The ultimate 360-degree camera

The Gear 360 looks like something out of a futurist’s dream, an off-white sphere that’s been plucked directly from Valve’s Portal games. And it’s this bizarre-looking device that Samsung is hoping will usher in the next wave of its VR masterplan. Thanks to its dual 180-degree cameras, the Gear 360 is capable of shooting full 360-degree video footage – which ...

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Nextbit Robin: Refreshingly Minty |

Pros: Lovely design and size, Good to hold, Innovative approach to storage, Lag free performance, Wonderfully loud speakers Cons: Terrible camera software, Poor battery performance, Very flat power and volume buttons, Power and volume buttons too flat, No Dual SIM, No FM Radio, No MicroSD slot, storage on cloud will cost when retrieving and sending data and apps On the ...

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3D Renders Of Nokia 9 Leaked Online

It finally looks like Nokia is all set to tap the market with a perfect competitor for the Samsung Galaxy S8 with the upcoming flagship device Nokia 9. Now, 3D renditions of Nokia 9 are finally leaked in what seems to be collaboration between Compare Raja and @OnLeaks. According to the leaked photographs, the Nokia 9’s camera module on the ...

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Nikon B500 review: Big zoom and decent snaps for £219

nikon b500 review big zoom and decent snaps for 219 300x160 - Nikon B500 review: Big zoom and decent snaps for £219

Compact cameras are in decline with the rise of smartphones, but there aren’t any smartphones with a 40x zoom. As such, Nikon may be onto something with the budget-friendly B500. It doesn’t bother with enthusiast-friendly features such as a viewfinder, manual exposure or RAW shooting, but at £219, it’s a viable Christmas present or impulse purchase for people who want ...

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