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The Captain Marvel trailer we’ve been waiting for is here

1537281433 the captain marvel trailer weve been waiting for is here 300x160 - The Captain Marvel trailer we've been waiting for is here

At the moment, there’s a lot of anticipation behind Captain Marvel, and slowly but surely, Disney has started ramping up its marketing machine. A few weeks ago, we got our first look at Brie Larson as Captain Marvel in a set of production stills from the movie, and today, Disney debuted the film’s first trailer. This trailer sets the stage ...

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Salesforce updates Quip with Quip Slides, Dropbox, and Box integrations

It’s been about two years since Salesforce acquired Quip, a cloud-based word processor to compete with the likes of Google Docs, Zoho Docs, and Microsoft 365. Since then, it’s expanded upon the platform with custom-built applications that can be embedded directly into any Quip document, plus pre-built document and spreadsheet templates for specific industries and projects. Ahead of Salesforce’s Dreamforce ...

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How Apple Makes the AI Chip Powering the iPhone’s Fancy Tricks

how apple makes the ai chip powering the iphones fancy tricks 300x160 - How Apple Makes the AI Chip Powering the iPhone's Fancy Tricks

A few years ago—the company won’t say exactly when—some engineers at Apple began to think the iPhone’s camera could be made smarter using newly powerful machine learning algorithms known as neural networks. Before long, they were talking with a lean vice president named Tim Millet. Millet leads a team of chip architects, who got to work. When the iPhone X ...

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Twitter Relaunches Purely Chronological Timeline Following Feedback

1537254108 twitter relaunches purely chronological timeline following feedback 300x160 - Twitter Relaunches Purely Chronological Timeline Following Feedback

If you’re a Twitter user that continues to lament the loss of your reverse-chronological timeline, then we’ve some good news for you. The social media company on Monday said that in response to feedback, it’s one again allowing you to see your most recent tweets first — without the “best tweets first,” “in case you missed it” posts, and recommended ...

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Twitter now lets you switch between algorithmic ‘best tweets’ and a real-time feed

1537235830 twitter now lets you switch between algorithmic best tweets and a real time feed 300x160 - Twitter now lets you switch between algorithmic 'best tweets' and a real-time feed

Twitter today announced a new feature that allows anyone to turn off the love-it-or-hate-it algorithmic curation feature. Toggle the switch to on, and you’ll see the tweets you’re most likely to be interested in from while you’re away. The best tweets, or those Twitter says you’re most likely to care about, appear at the top of the feed, while real-time ...

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Analyst Suggest iPhone Xs Pre-Orders Are ‘Lackluster’

1537190233 analyst suggest iphone xs pre orders are lackluster 300x160 - Analyst Suggest iPhone Xs Pre-Orders Are ‘Lackluster’

This year, just like the previous year, Apple presented us with three new iPhones – the iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and XR. Its pricing, hardware, and size varied from model to model, presumably to appeal to different types of users. However as it turns out, one model seems to be less popular than the rest. If you were thinking it ...

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Kuo: Apple Watch 4 pre-orders look good, iPhone XS not so much

kuo apple watch 4 pre orders look good iphone xs not so much 300x160 - Kuo: Apple Watch 4 pre-orders look good, iPhone XS not so much

Apple’s new devices are out and analysts did get many thing right. Now that shipping dates are close, it’s time for them to once again sharpen their knives and forecast which will be hot and which will be not. Famed analyst Ming-chi Kuo has already given his early analysis of what’s going to happen in the next few weeks. Unsurprisingly, ...

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Facebook Messenger assistant M can now translate French

Facebook Messenger today announced that intelligent assistant M can now translate conversations from English, French, and Spanish in France, Mexico, and the United States. M Translations in French is the latest intelligent assistant upgrade for France, following Google Assistant multilingual support in August for a number of languages including French, to the introduction of Echo speakers and Alexa in June. Translations by intelligent ...

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