15 UAE Fitness Influencers on Instagram (2017)

15 UAE Fitness Influencers on Instagram (2017)

Fitness is a huge craze in the United Arab Emirates. Now more than ever, anyone can easily access fitness resources online –thanks to social media! From work-out videos on Youtube to the latest health app, fitness is at our fingertips. Fitness stars have turned to Instagram when posting tips and information, and mentoring followers online.







Here are top 15 fitness Instagram accounts you should be following for daily motivation:

1. Jessica Olie

This Dubai-based South African is a competitive swimmer who also loves doing yoga. Her Instagram account is mostly about yoga and helping people practice yoga, especially beginners.

2. Dina Ghandour

Dina is a Dubai-based Palestinian who is the brains behind the Yoga Specialist shop – yApparel. She posts a lot about encouraging daily yoga practice and sells essential athletic and yoga wear on the side.

3. Omar al-Duri

Omar al-Duri is a half Iraqi – half Saudi fitness fanatic based in the UAE. He has received an award as a personal trainer, coach, nutritionist and fitness contributor. He founded the Platform 3 Fitness Center in Dubai Marina where he trained some celebrities and other clients.

4. Maha

The Lebanese is enjoying rock climbing, strength training, and dancing as hobbies. She says that “Firecracker is for bold, tough, free-spirited, and exciting women.”

5. Anita Joubert

Anita is an international fitness and cover model, nutritionist, and personal trainer. Her Instagram account is full of exercises and techniques. She’s also focusing on the importance of healthy eating. Anita has won the European World Bodybuilding Fitness and Fashion Pro Championship.

6. Salma Magdy

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This self-confessed gymaholic posts daily motivational posts, tips and tricks to motivate her followers to work out.

7. Omar Nour

Looking for some inspirational story? Nour weighed 105 kg some years ago until he realized he needed to change his unhealthy habits. He trained for his first triathlon in 2007 and he turned professional in 2010. He’s now a Daman Activelife ambassador and an aspiring Olympic competitor.

8. Tarryn Hoffman

This fitness enthusiast is based in Abu Dhabi. She uses her account to encourage others to get moving and adopt a healthier lifestyle. From nutritious meals to weight-lifting videos, Tarryn’s account is a must follow.

9. Inger Houghton

Inger is a Dubai-based nutritionist and personal trainer. She’s currently working at Scandinavian Health & Performance, Houghton with a nutritionist degree from the University of Stockholm, and a personal trainer qualification from the Academy for Personal Training in Oslo, Norway.

10. NesaRassouli

A full-time student and Calisthenics instructor at Fit Inc., Nesa’sInstagram is full of aesthetically- pleasing-yoga poses, cool outfits, or the videos showcasing her continuous improvements in strength.

11. Adam Fulat

Adam is a powerlifter and brand ambassador of Taqado and Sporter.com. He posts his workout routines and engages with his audience by answering workout requests and whatnot. If you want to sustain those energy levels and inner boss stimulation to keep pushing, check out his Instagram account.

12. Nadine du Toit

Nadine is one of the Instagram fitspirations based here in Dubai. She shares her journey through her account from windsurfing, running and even golfing.

13. Nabeel Merchant

Nabeel Merchant is the founder of Parkour Dubai and a calisthenics instructor who does innovative and fun workouts.From outlandish video stills, photos, food shots- Nabeel also incorporates a modern and trendy styles through his workout clothing.

14. GbemiGiwa

Thigrammer posts shots of her workouts and other top restaurants in Dubai. She also shows her followers how to make dishes and snacks at home.

15. Suzanne Cork

This nutritionist happens to be a yoga Instructor too. You can find delicious food that’s good for your body in her Instagram feed.

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